A unique and promising sport
for your child


Flight school

  • Only Indoor Skydiving school in Belarus
  • Age groups 6-12
  • Professional gear

  • World-class
  • Tracking progress
    training diary
  • Preparation
    for competitions
  • Children who have completed the "Become a PRO" can attend
Three individual lessons, each of which includes: 5 minutes of flight time, special gear and full-face helmet, detailed briefing, and in-depth postflight debriefing of the flight based on the video.

Watch our video to see how much you can learn in the air flow in just 15 min.

Upon completion of the course, your child will be awarded the "PRO" status, entitling you to buy flight time at 40% discount for further training and development in indoor skydiving.

The main thing is that you will see how much your little superhero loves the new hobby.

Step 1


Prospects and opportunities
Indoor Skydiving is a young breathtaking sport with World and European Championships held on a regular basis. If your child wishes to do something special, but you are reluctant to force him or her to attend practice, then the iFLY SuperKids school is your perfect option!
Flying in the wind tunnel develops motor coordination, exercise the vestibular system, strengthens the core and make body more flexible. And what is more: your children will surprise their friends when they show what they have learned at their recent practice.
Physical fitness
Our instructors have been specially trained by according to the U.S. IBA standards; they are active athletes and know exactly how to teach your child each maneuver and develop their skills. Practice normally looks like a game which kids really enjoy.
Safe and fun
Thanks to our well-thought-out training system and experienced instructors, children quickly progress from belly to head down flying. Progress of skills is logged in the training diary, so you can see which maneuvers and tricks your child has already mastered and which we have in store for them.
Continuous progress
Children use professional gear manufactured by leading international brands: Cookie G4 helmets and DEEM suits, which are already included in the cost of training. You can always order a suit with an individual design, and we can offer you full assistance.
As we learn basic flying skills, we start having joint practice sessions and introduce little bodyflyers to each other. Children will communicate, share their experience and impressions, and make friends from the indoor skydiving community from across the globe.
The International Olympic Committee is planning to include Indoor Skydiving in the official program of the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Thanks to the iFLY SuperKids school, your child will have a chance to become an Olympic champion.


Step 2
It seems you have found a perfect sport for your child to never miss practice!

iFLY Minsk instructors have developed a special program designed to foster flying skills and promote general physical fitness. Children will be making their first step toward a full-scale indoor skydiving career, just as many other kids around the world.

Children who have previously completed the "Become a PRO" course are eligible to sign up for individual training.
Groups will be formed starting November 1.
  • "Become a PRO" package
    Weekdays – BYN 250

    Weekends – BYN 320
  • "Sport - 1 Hour" package (without a coach)
    Weekdays – BYN 700

    Weekends – BYN 700
Become a PRO
BYN 250
BYN 320
«Sport - 1 Hour» (without a coach)
BYN 700
BYN 700