at iFLY Minsk

Original one-of-a-kind events at the wind tunnel facility
Looking for ideas where to celebrate your birthday so that both adults and children will remember the experience forever? Whatever you celebrate — an anniversary or coming of age, in a company of friends or family — there is nothing like indoor skydiving in a wind tunnel to provide a stronger bond.

We will prepare an individual room for your company, entertainments, a photographer and of course go flying with each one of you.

Celebrate your birthday at iFLY Minsk, and you will literally be on cloud nine.


Can you imagine anything more fun than watching your chief accountant's cheeks flutter in the wind?
Only your boss' s face, happy as a kid as he performs a high flight!

iFLY Minsk offers everything you need for your company or business partners:
a convenient location, enough space, and a food court.

Choosing flights in a wind tunnel as a highlight of your corporate party, you will enjoy great all-new impressions for everyone, a fun-packed activity, and an original celebration at any time of the year.


A bridal shower, bachelor party, graduation, family day or marriage proposal — these are just a few excellent reasons to get together at iFLY Minsk.

There is an exciting alternative to routine dinners in fancy restaurants, wine and dancing until midnight — to see whether the suit of a superhero fits you and feel what it is like to fly.

We'll help you organize a surprise party, keep all plans a secret (if necessary), invite a photographer... And naturally we'll take care of flights in the wind tunnel.



A creative presentation of your new product, a business meeting with important clients, a vivid show for your most reliable partners and contractors — everything is possible at iFLY Minsk.

We will be happy to design the concept of the event, as well as provide catering, decor, top-quality sound and light, screens and projectors for presentations, and, of course, present a mind-blowing aerial show.

In addition at your disposal you will have the entire iFLY Minsk facility (500 m2) and our wind tunnel for flights supervised by our professional instructors. Photos and videos of flights are included!
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