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You asked for them, so here you go – flights for couples! 💏

Previously it was only possible to fly with your other half only on Valentine’s Day. Now you can fly together every day, which means romantic vibes at iFLY Minsk do not depend on the calendar or time of the year.

The program includes 8 minutes of flight time for two:

🚀 Two individual sessions, 1.5 minutes each, to get used to the air flow and feel your body, and to make a high flight with an instructor to the altitude of 7-10 meters.

🚀 A joint 2-minute flight follows, hopefully culminating in a hot kiss (if you are shy, you can just hold your hands 😀).

The "I fly with you" certificate is available for purchase at Surprise.by. A flight for couples costs BYN 350. Delivery is free when ordering at Surprise.by.
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