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Proflyers winter in iFLY Minsk

Only in January foreign proflyers get a very good price for the flight time in iFLY Minsk:

❗30 minutes of flying for just 500 BYN / 180 EUR


✔️ Special price is valid from 10 to 31 January , 2023.
✔️ Payment only in Belorussian rubles (price in EUR is approximate). 
✔️ You can use the time purchased for a special price until 31 January. All unused minutes will disappear after that date.

2️⃣ Jams all January.

We gather parties in Belly, Belly back, Head Up flying and Dynamic Jams в iFLY Minsk.
During Jams proflyers do blocks, figures and transitions in groups up to 6 people. Before the flight our instructors make a briefing and give tasks for the flight sessions. And there is a post flight analysis for the future growth and developing skills.

This is a very good possibility to increase your flying skills and get an inspiration from your soulmates.

3️⃣ Rock at the RACAMACAFOOO 2.0.

Holiday party, corporate PROflyers reunion, flying sabbat – call it as you wish. Overnight into Sunday (14-15 January) we are going to repeat our legendary party form last year or maybe even make it better, if it is possible of course.

Join iFLY Minsk team along and flow in the bodyflyers community.

4️⃣ Explore a new city.

All foreign flyers can use our special offer for accomodation in Minsk (Hotels near the tunnel), have fun, take a walk across the city center and try our local food.

There is a visa-free entry for Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish citizens.

✅ For more details text our Lead instructor Alex Chizhov in Telegram or Instagram @albalex or WhatsUp +7 914 790 71 07.

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