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The best collection you may have in your life is that of experiences! 💪 Try new things every chance you have: discover a dish you've never tasted before, do a crazy thing, meet exciting people, and don’t you think it’s high time you learnt to fly? 🚀

Ready for great news? We are offering a soaring BYN 100 discount on the "Become an Athlete" course and the first athletic hour of flight time if you order them during the same day 😱

How it works 👇

🚀 You’ve had your first flight in the wind tunnel and you came to like it so much you decided to proceed and wished to buy the "Become an Athlete" course on the same day. In this case, the full course will cost you BYN 350 instead of BYN 450.

🚀 You have completed the "Become an Athlete" course. You are already capable of making spins, moving up, down, forward and backward. And you want more, right away, because good things should never end so fast 😀 You can buy your first athletic hour on the same day for BYN 780 instead of BYN 880, plus get a free Cookie G4 full-face helmet for the entire duration of your training session. The full package discount will total BYN 150.

Now that you have this info, you know what to do 😉

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⏳ Open every day from 11:00 to 22:00
☎️ +375 25 777 66 55
Special offers