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A serious question now, what's up with New Year's Eve gifts? You know the drill: the longer you delay it, the bigger the trouble once the clock strikes 12! Traffic jams, empty shelves, crowded stores – are these really on your wish list?

New Year's Eve ambulance rushes to the rescue 🚑: we’re offering New Year’s iFLY Boxes where everything is already picked, packed, decorated and ready to be presented. The treasure box includes Christmas toys, a card, a fun sticker pack, a "flight" cup and a branded keychain. All you have to do is choose a package for a gift certificate – and make someone truly happy! 🎁

This is a limited offer: we've prepared only 50 mind-blowing boxes at a special price, so hurry up with your order. Book New Year’s iFLY Boxes in personal messages or call us +375 25 777 66 55.

A New Year's iFLY Box is available at BYN 50. You will be charged for a gift certificate separately.
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